Are you just starting your search for your perfect kitchen, it can be quite daunting with all the potential styles and features for your room. This is where we come in, as a company with over 25 years of kitchen selling experince we can guide you through the process to achieve an a kitchen that is catered specifically to you whilst making the experience as pleasant as possible. Want to get started well here’s a general idea of how one of our projects run.

Knowing that peoples needs can differ we offer a flexible service. We are able to come out to your house to do a comprehensive measure any time of the day from Tuesday- Saturday. Alternatively if you want to bring your measurements in to the shop (see our opening times) we are quite happy to do a design from that. Prior to doing the design we go through everything you want to achieve from your kitchen whilst also giving you some of our ideas that we believe will give you the exact kitchen you desire whilst trying to cater to all budgets.

With the measurements and information we have gathered from you we start about designing a kitchen that suits your needs and style, this all goes on to our CAD program that gives you a good 3d impression of what the kitchen will look like in your current space. We then compile a quote using all products that comes with our personal recommendation all being good quality whilst also being very competitive on price. All quotes come in a itemised form so you’ll be able to fully understand whats going to be in your kitchen.

Now comes the fun bit, getting to see your new kitchen starting to come together. We will now go through the design images, and quote explaining exactly what you are getting in the preposed design. This is just really the start of the journey each kitchen is very personal to each individual, so it’s now a case of going through the design and tweaking it until we get to the point where you now have the perfect kitchen.

If you have chosen to go with us, we will then go about booking in the job. This means either booking in a time slot in which we can fit the kitchen for you or if you only want supply then we will arrange for the kitchen items to be delivered to your requested date.

All installations can differ depending on what needs to be done to get your kitchen finished, one thing that doesn’t differ is the fact that we will be there from start to finish to make sure that the job runs smoothly. Liasing with all our experienced tradesman to make sure everything goes along in the right direction, and that they have everything they need to finish the job.

Once the installation is complete you will be clear of all the mess created during the installation and will be left with the kitchen you have desired. Our relationship doesn’t have to end there we are always around for any advice needed in your newly fitted kitchen. And should any problems arise over the years after then we will always be here to help you resolve those issues.